Top Ways To Improve Your Relationship In 2018

Let’s get this out of the way: There’s no special pill or drink to have a better relationship. People aren’t perfect, couples fight, that’s just life so let’s let that happen organically.

But! All hope is out the window, there are many things big and small you can do to things easier. I’ve paid attention through the years from seeing relationships and hearing relationship advice to find the best guidance that I have to offer, so here are few tips to take into the new year for 2018

Put away your phone

No need to be on your phone when your at home with your loved one or significant other. Once your home then your home so all your attention should be focused on them and/or your kids. Everyone and everything can wait until tomorrow unless its an emergency of course. Look each other in the eye when you communicate with no distractions.

Have Tough Conversations Before Moving In Together

This is always crazy because people plan way less to move in with one another rather than planning a wedding. When moving in together it is a way bigger legal, financial and emotional step than marriage, especially if you barely know the person outside of spending time with each other when you go out. I’m just saying.

Not satisfied with your sex life?

This is definitely something to think about, Can a couple in a sexless relationship be on a path to intimacy and connection? Highly doubt it in this day and age  The love is there but the sex might not be huh? This usually happens when couples balance is off and one person might want it more than the other or one is tired at the wrong time so the whole thing just gets frustrating and nothing happens. Next thing you know months go by so make time or talk about it.

Educate Yourself On What Makes A Good Relationship

Good relationships don’t happen overnight. They definitely take commitment, compromise on both ends, forgiveness and the most important is effort. If one person feels like their putting too much into the relationship or doing all the work to keep it going then conflicts will come up like not caring enough or show more with your actions.

Try holding hands (even if you don’t want to)

I think usually works because body heat will distract you on why you were even mad. You’ll end up in a better place and start talking like nothing happen prior. Good luck to everyone on this adventure called life in 2018!