Hey ladies! If your single on Valentine’s Day don’t worry because your not the only one. When you actually think about it A LOT of women are single because men don’t how to treat a good woman, right! All the good ones are taken they say but until your prince will come who meets all your standards and more. Now let’s get to this list:

#1 Stay Off Social Media on Valentine’s Day

The last thing you wanna see all day is posts from the people you follow with valentine’s gifts, flowers, and lunch/dinner dates. No Instagram  or Facebook that day to have a piece of mind.

#2 Buy Yourself A Gift

How about we let the take women enjoy their chocolates, teddy bears, flowers and fruit. Treat yourself to something you had your eye on for a while so that you can enjoy it.

#3 Throw A Party

Gather up all the single ladies over to have drinks, good food and a lot of fun. Make sure Uber and Lyft take you guys home because its going to be a long night.

#4 “Swiggy Swig Time” Have A Private Party

This is one of the times you get to enjoy time alone quietly with no social media or taken friends hitting you up to go out. Now you can just relax with a glass of wine and a bubble bath and some music.

#5 Take A Trip

If this day ends up during the week it might be a little hard but If it’s on the weekend you can plan a well needed get away.

#6 Enjoy A Spa Day

What better way to take your mind off cupids holiday? Head out and get yourself a massage and mani/pedi to soothe yourself. You will feel so much better at the end of the day.

#7 Go To Bible Study

Lucky you! Valentine’s day is on bible study night so go ahead and get your spirit rejuvenated with a clear mind.

#8 Try A New Look…. New Hair

Everyone should change their look every few years or so but maybe this is around the time you make that change. How about a short cut or even some braids? Try something that you don’t usually do.

#9 Visit the Novelty Store

Being single i am sure you’ve found some way to occupy your time. You should take a trip to the Novelty store to see what you find and you will definitely leave with something fun.

#10 Retail Therapy   

This is good for any occasion. Take this time to hit all your favorite stores and malls to freshen up your wardrobe.


Now go ahead and get a head start on planning your valentine’s day!!