Finally these shoes arrived that I’ve been waiting for weeks. I was so anxious to see what they looked like because I got them online and y’all know sometimes when we get things online they don’t always appear look the same in person. I opened the box and they seem to be a little different from what I reviewed online so I did some research on product and it’s history to check if they differed in anyway. I looked at the box to check if the logo was positioned correctly, if the colors were exact, was the logo off centered, if the shoes were real leather, if the bottoms are engraved. I was so concerned about how people would judge these shoes and how they would perceive me. Then is dawned on me…. why don’t us women/men take the time to spot knockoffs, fakes, and frauds when we entertain getting involved or considering building a relationship?

Do we check out the manufacturer.. we’re they come from (background) meaning did their parents instill in him/her the things that separate them from the fakes, and knockoffs? What’s their material?

1.) Do they have a foundation in Christ?
2.) Do they come up unraveled when a little pressure is put on them
3.) Do they bust loose at the seams when they incur obstacles and challenges
4.) What’s their fabric… their make up
5.) How are they at communication? Are they fragile and break because they are emotional.

Sometimes we don’t know what to expect before the product have been delivered so we have to check the background and inquire about past relationships because they could be broken before they arrive at our doorstep!