Dealing with a jealous partner can be quite challenging. A man who is too possessive and wants to take control over you can compromise your ability to interact with your friends and family members. Women tend to believe that the men they like are just showing their love and affection. However, sometimes their so-called loving gestures mean something else. Here are a few signs

He Wants To Know Where You Been

If your man wants to know where you are going every time you leave the house, then you might have a problem. Having to explain yourself each and every time you encounter your loved one should ring a bell. This kind of behavior doesn’t indicate he loves you too much to miss you.

He Tries to Isolate You from Everyone

Jealous men who are TOO into you want to be apart of their partners day to day activities all the time no matter what. Therefore, they try to isolate them from everyone. They use coercive methods such as tears and threats, emotional blackmail, and aggressive behavior to ensure that their partner is isolated from friends, family, co-workers and other social groups (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc). Your boyfriend acts like this because he is unable to dictate the conversation and know exactly what you are saying and doing while you’re away.

Over The Top

A healthy relationship is one based on trust. When your partner becomes so jealous that he makes you feel uncomfortable, you should do something about. Jealousy in excess is damaging to relationships. A possessive partner will often make unnecessary accusations. He will tell you how to dress or act, accuse you of cheating on him, or get defensive if anyone compliments you. You don’t sign your life away when committing to a relationship; a healthy relationship doesn’t put you in a cage

Dating these kind of men could eventually turn to physical, verbal, financial or mental abuse in order to keep you under his control. The longer you stay in this poisonous relationship the harder it is for you to leave. It’s  because they feel insecure and powerless. They need constant attention because they do not feel in control if you are out of their sight or not directly giving them your time. often these kinds of men get paranoid very easily; even wanting to sit and read the newspaper on your own makes them crazy. You might find that they have to sit in the same room as you all the time. In their mind they might misinterpret the situation when you say you would like some free time on your own or with a friend. Instead of understanding that we all need our own space they interpret this as you do not like them or you wish to leave them. You cannot fix this! That person has to learn to deal with his own insecurities before the situation can be a fatal attraction.