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DaniCandi Unlimited understand the importance of not delaying your order.  After we recieve confirmation that your payment processed successfully please allow 1-2 days to prepare and expedite providing the item is in stock. We request that you allow a reasonable time period of 7-10 business days to recieve your merchandise.

Out of Stock

As stocks level is changing frequently,some stuff may be out of stock after you make the payment. Our service will contact you in 24 hours about the stock status and let you decide wheather you would like wait or exchange for another style to enable faster postage. All excess payment/ excess shipping fee/ price difference would be credited the balance to your member account for future use.

Attention: After you get your package and you find items are missing please contact us as soon as possible and we will confirm for you. If we can't contact you to confirm that some items are out of stock after you made the payment we send out the ready stock directly to ensure on time delivery.

Please make sure you leave the correct contact information so if we may contact you in 48 hours to send the item stock firstly and credit the balance to you.

Shipping Fees

Our shipping fees generally depend on the weight of items and the destination.