As grown ups we should keep our relationships growing EVEN after a marriage. Your still learning your partner everyday. It should always be to the point where I would make an effort to find fun or romantic places we could go. I would spend hours primping and even bought new dresses to impress him with. Although he is very low maintenance, I wanted our time to be special and memorable.

There was such a desire to leave a lasting impression on him that I would go over and beyond to make that happen. He also would go out of his way, but I was the better planner. Besides that he paid 100% of the time so I liked to take the responsibility of coming up with the outing

That had me thinking about how do people date their partners. While it would be nice to keep the same euphoric energy when it comes to prepping and planning for dates, I just don’t think it is reasonable.

To be honest during the dating season of your relationship, your goal is to put your best face on and to create a bond with someone who is virtually a stranger. Once you’re married that bond is already intact and now its time to let it mature.

It’s no longer about going to the best restaurant or planning a huge event to show everyone, although those things will happen, it’s about just spending time together. Between work schedules, children and the monotony that marriage can bring, it’s nice to set aside time to connect with your partner and to see where their heart and desires are.

People change and often couples will grow apart for this reason alone. How many divorce cases are caused by irreconcilable differences? The numbers are crazy. Many unhappily married people will tell you that either they or their spouse have changed and that the connection they once had is now gone.